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            (review from Italy) - by Ras Walter

Seefari (real name Tom Carroll) is a very interesting Rasta reggae singer from Ohio, USA, an authentic veteran of the independent American scene with an incredible number of appearances at festival and gigs all over the years. In his almost two decades long career he has earned the fame of great live entertainer and has imprinted his reggae with a particular and recognizable character - while known for his covers of classic roots tunes too -. His astonishing debut album entitled 'Dread pon Da Scene' released on his own label Upful Sound, showcases Tom handling with effect the whole instrumentation by himself alone giving birth to a particular style, a sort of 'synthetic' reggae, realized in most parts using electronic keys and instrumentation. Seefari's reggae ranges with effectiveness from roots to dancehall and his original vocal style - imbued with great sweetness and communicativeness - which often digresses into sing-jaying, perfectly interacts with his essential, pulsating and electric riddims. I can't make comparisons with other names in reggae because Seefari is an highly original stylist with strong abilities in song writing: 'Dread Pon da Scene' includes two cover tunes (Bob Marley's' Positive Vibration' and Van Morrison's 'Tupelo Honey') but are his own compositions - all with original lyrics and melodies - that attract us the most. Among them my favorites are the title track - a truly original dancehall tune - 'Reggae Music Haffe Gwaan', 'RastaRebel', 'Seek Jah Kingdom' and I Love Jah' - the latter a beautiful and sweet tune showing Seefari's heartical chant about his deep devotion to Jah.  Recently Upful Sounds has released the pre-release cd 'I and I', another very interesting chapter of Seefari's electronic reggae here evolved in a sort of 'cyberroots' of great potential.  - I&I CD

Seefari is Tom Carroll, an American solo artist with strong Rastafarian beliefs and a taste for both roots and dancehall-flavored rhythms. No other musicians are credited on this album, and if that means that he's played all the keyboard parts himself, then that's a pretty impressive accomplishment; he writes good lyrics and very good tunes, and while the all-electronic backing tracks are a little bit on the sterile side there's a warmth and genuineness to his delivery that counteract it nicely. Not every song is a success, and one or two are overlong. But this album can be recommended overall.                                                   

Note: keyboards on I&I: Yacob (Michael Shepherd),

produced by SEEFARI (Tom Carroll)  and Yacob (Michael Shepherd)

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