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The rally is past, but the struggle continues...Please call or write your Senators and Representatives and urge them to take measures to
The people of Darfur need you now.

SEEFARI at the Dayton for Darfur Rally

Join SEEFARI  Saturday April 19th at 12:45PM

Rally will begin at Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton, Ohio. In case of rain, the rally will take place in the Dayton Convention Center, 5th St., Dayton, OH





12:45 Music (Seefari)

1:00 Welcome (Rev Cool)

1:05 National Anthem

1:10 Clergy offer blessings and prayers

1:20 Steve Wonderly (Dayton for Darfur)

1:25 Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace

1:45 - 2:15 March to Dayton Convention Center (about a 10-minute walk)

Dayton Convention Center

2:15 - 2:30 Nick Clooney

2:35 Jonathan Slaughter (The Sudan Project/Ginghamsburg Church)

3:10 Ibrahim Adam (Darfuri refugee)

3:50 - 4:00 Closing prayer and closing (clergy and Rev Cool)

Dayton citizens gather with Nick Clooney and Ibrahim Adam to call for an
end to the genocide.

Dayton, Ohio - Local nonprofit Dayton for Darfur will hold a rally and
march Saturday, April 19, beginning at 1 p.m. at Courthouse Square on East
First Street in downtown Dayton. A march will lead the rally from
Courthouse Square to the Dayton Convention Center on East Fifth Street. The
purpose of the rally is to educate the public about the genocide in Darfur,
and to increase lobbying efforts. Any funds raised will go to the Save
Darfur Coalition to support efforts to end the genocide and to Doctors
Without Borders to provide ongoing assistance to victims of the genocide.

Local reggae artist Seefari will kick off the gathering at 12:45 as people

Speakers will then present at both locations. Speakers include:

- Journalist, actor, and politician Nick Clooney, who has visited Darfur
and been active in international efforts to raise awareness about the

- Darfuri refugee Ibrahim Musa Adam, who has been traveling with and
presenting on behalf of the Save Darfur Coalition's "Voices from Darfur"

- Local citizen Jonathan Slaughter, from Ginghamsburg Church's Sudan
Project, who has observed the violence in Darfur

- Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace

Local radio host Rev Cool, of Yellow Springs' WYSO, will emcee the event.
Petitions and preprinted letters and postcards for lobbying policy-makers
will be circulated. Darfur-related merchandise will be on sale. Proceeds
will go to pay for the cost of the rally and to the Save Darfur Coalition
and Doctors Without Borders. In the event of inclement weather, the rally
will be moved inside to the Dayton Convention Center, and the march will
start from and return to the convention center.

Cosponsors of the Dayton Rally for Darfur include: Amnesty International,
The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), The Dayton Circus, The
Dayton International Peace Museum, Genocide Intervention Network,
Ginghamsburg Church, The Jewish Community Relations Council, the Save
Darfur Coalition, Save the Children, STAND (University of Dayton chapter),
and Wright State University Physicians for Human Rights.

Sudan, the largest country in Africa, has been embroiled in conflict for
decades. A tentative peace treaty ended the most recent civil war in 2005;
however, that treaty did not extend to all Sudanese. By the time the
agreement was reached, fighting had already begun in Darfur, the western
region of Sudan, which covers a territory nearly the size of Texas. For the
past several years, the government-sponsored Janjaweed militia fighters
have been waging war against Darfuri rebels and attacking villages across
the region. As many as 400,000 people, mainly noncombatant villagers, have
been killed, and as many as 2.5 million have been displaced. More than 3
million people now depend on international aid in order to survive.

For more information on Dayton for Darfur and the Dayton Rally for Darfur
or to set up an interview, please contact...

Steve Wonderly ( or 937-609-4721)
Christina Dendy ( or 937-657-4041)
Heather Reid ( or 937-689-7310)


About Dayton for Darfur - Local citizens formed Dayton for Darfur in 2006
to raise awareness and lobby policymakers about the genocide and resulting
refugee and medical crises in Darfur. The stated mission of Dayton for
Darfur is "to compel policy-makers and other decision-makers in the United
States and abroad to 1) act to end the genocide in Darfur and 2) aid in the
establishment of treaties needed for a lasting peace. To accomplish this,
we are committed to increasing public awareness of the situation in Darfur,
reaching out to the media, and facilitating lobbying by Americans." More
information can be found at
<> . The mailing address for Dayton for
Darfur is Dayton for Darfur, P.O. Box 121, Fairborn, Ohio, 45324.

About the Save Darfur Coalition - The Save Darfur Coalition raises public
awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and mobilizes a unified
response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of people throughout the
Darfur region. It is an alliance of more than 180 faith-based, advocacy and
human rights organizations. The coalition's member organizations represent
130 million people of all ages, races, religions and political affiliations
united together to help the people of Darfur. For more information on the
coalition, please visit To obtain footage from the
Darfur border region, coalition events, various interviews, and more,
please visit the Save Darfur Coalition media gallery at All footage may be previewed in non-broadcast
quality and may be purchased in broadcast quality by filling out the
purchase request form provided on the site. Videos of survivors and other
resources can also be found at
<> .

About Doctors Without Borders - Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans
Frontieres (MSF) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that delivers
emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics,
natural disasters, and other events in more than 60 countries. Doctors
Without Borders operates independently of any nation or government and
comprises a coalition of international teams of doctors and medical and
other staff. Doctors Without Borders has been working in Sudan since 1979.
Currently, the organization has more than 100 international staff and more
than a 1,000 Sudanese staff working throughout Darfur to help tens of
thousands of refugees and other affected by the genocide. Among its many
services, Doctors Without Borders runs health centers that provide basic
medical care and consultation and specialized care for women, and operates
mobile clinics that travel throughout villages and camps providing medical
and nutritional consultation and vaccinations. Doctors Without Borders also
distributes mosquito nets and clean drinking water and provides technical
support to local hospitals and programs.

About Nick Clooney - Born in Maysville, Kentucky, in 1934, Nick Clooney
went on to be a successful actor, game show host, television journalist,
anchorman, and politician. Clooney started his career as a news anchor in
Lexington, and soon gained his own television show, the "Nick Clooney Show"
in Columbus, Ohio, and then Cincinnati, Ohio. For several years in the
1970s, he worked as a game show host before returning to journalism as an
evening news anchor. In 1989, Clooney branched out into print journalism as
a columnist for The Cincinnati Post before returning to television as a
host for American Movie Classics. In 2004, Clooney ran as a Kentucky
Democrat for a seat in the House of Representatives. Although he lost, he
made a strong showing and gained much recognition. In recent years, he has
traveled with his son, actor George Clooney, to the Sudan and observed the
violence there firsthand. As a result of his visits, Clooney has become a
strong activist on behalf of the people of the Darfur region, calling for
an end to the genocide.

About Ibrahim Musa Adam - Ibrahim Musa Adam grew up in a the village of
Jadara in northern Darfur. There, he worked as a farmer and volunteered as
a teacher. In 2003, the Sudanese army and the Janjaweed militia attacked
and destroyed his village. Eighty people were killed, including 20 members
of Adam's family. Today, Adam lives and works in Rockford, Illinois, and
travels with the Save Darfur Coalition's "Voices From Darfur" project in
hopes of helping to end the genocide. One day, he would like to return to
Darfur and help rebuild his homeland.



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Sat. Apr. 19th

Dayton Rally
for Darfur



 Dayton, OH

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